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All information shared in animal communication private consultations is intended to enhance the quality of relationships and lives of both animals and people, and above all do no harm.

Dr. Seabrook is fully licensed to practise veterinary medicine in the province of Ontario, however, within the confines of the business of Animal Communication Dr. Seabrook is not practising veterinary medicine, but with informed consent may be requested to act under the inclusive term “Complementary and Alternative Veterinary Medicine”.

At no time is the communication information meant to be a replacement for traditional medical care, veterinary treatment or a medical diagnosis for illness or injury confirmed by veterinary examination and appropriate testing.

The information shared by your animal may be of assistance based on your animal’s perception of disease or injury, and their opinion of treatment and/or other veterinary issues may arise in the communication that may be useful to you for your animal’s process.

Dr. Seabrook will relay to you your animal’s opinion of their body and situation and is not a substitute for your regular veterinarian. In appropriate situations, Dr. Seabrook can explain disease processes present in your animal to promote understanding and facilitate decisions.


By ordering this consult, I state that I have read and understand the above statements. I understand the information from the communication may augment my understanding of my animal’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual being, but medical diagnosis, treatment, therapy, and advice must come from my regular veterinarian.

I will not hold Dr. Cathy Seabrook responsible for my participation in implementing training techniques through this process.




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