Splashing up a story!

My Teachers

Heartfelt thanks to my many wonderful animal teachers that have graced my homelife:


Mickey, Kelly, Bubbles, Leo, Cleo, Louie, Lady, Lerigo, Peanut, Ginger, Bridget, Angel, Chelsea, Buck, Fancy, Little Joe, Tam, Tulip, Tidy, Tober, Puddy, Kittoon, Bess, Taff, Katie, Mohave, Chief, Misty, Oreo, Gracie, Steele, Cherub, Dante, Mystery, Pagosa, Shakespeare, Guthrie, Maximus, Shadow, Commanche, Noel, Regalo, Cinder, Navarre, Julep, Rorie, Harley, and Angelina, and to thousands of precious patients over 30 years of veterinary practice, and to Rum-Tum and Caramel, cat guardians of the Island Animal Hospital for 18 years.


And thanks to every one of you dear animal friends for telling me your stories! Our bond with you grows beyond language now that we have it!








































































































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