Angelina – angel cat!

What’s the real story about diseases?

“We take your stuff, pretty simple really. And we disguise it in all kinds of forms and little niggling details like itches and bumps – but know this in your deepest heart, it is done with such love, and to deny us this privilege would negate our reason for being with you. So don’t even bother asking us not to, it is part of our love for you. Eventually this will become so clear that you will address the negativity within you that gave us the burden, as you call it, of some rather bright dis-ease, that shines in your face, and you will see a similarity in it to something in your life and you will be right! Just another way we inspire you to think better of yourselves, for you mostly care not what happens to your own bodies, and tend to really, really care about what happens to us.”



A medical intuitive is an individual who uses focused, practised, intuitive insight to sense and read the physical, emotional and mental energy fields of an animal or human.

This practice combines art and science. The natural gift of intuitive vision combined with medical experience can pinpoint with clarity specific illnesses, imbalances, weaknesses and pre-clinical and clinical disease states.


How is this used in a consultation with your animal?

1. Routine:

In a routine or general consultation I ask your animal to show me any areas of body concern they notice, and they will give their opinion of their physical body which gives you a general idea of physical cares, or not! This is generally perfect for every consult.

2. Veterinary Referral Option:

Sometimes you might want to know medical details when your animal has been diagnosed with something serious. In this case a referral for a “complementary modality” (included here for printing) signed by your veterinarian allows a veterinary body scan.  Under this consent, full exploration and discussion of your animal’s opinion of their physical condition and therapy is possible and complies with the Position Statement of the College of Veterinarians of Ontario. Check with your veterinarian about complementary modality regulations in your area.


The reading is mutual!






































































































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