Live Coaching

Tell us about the live coaching experience.


“This is what you’ve been waiting for – the supreme talking and answering of all your little points that you get stuck on – why we do the thing we just did and why you responded the way you just did to that very thing, in the moment. Nothing faster, nothing clearer, nothing more rewarding than animal at its best, reminding you in the moment what we are actually saying to you with our minds and hearts. Truly, the best moments with us you will ever know, and that is just the beginning.”


 Live coaching is one option for a consultation instead of written format questions and answers. This is invaluable for exploring behaviors and for performance questions for horses and dogs. It may be done live where applicable, or by video. We take whatever time it takes in the coaching session to find the true nature of the issue, and address it from all levels of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

The information will come very rapidly from your animal in a live coaching session. We ask what training techniques your horse or dog would appreciate to resolve the issue, or improve the situation, and let them describe how best to succeed. Then it is up to the two of you to implement the plan. This session is intended to be provocative and delightful. A live coaching session is the ultimate experience with animal communication!






























































































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