Harley – best bud!



There are some behaviors that drive us wild!

“Yes, of course, and it is mutual. See it for what it really is – communication without words. We are so brilliant, don’t you know, at getting you to figure out what we want without words, and now, there is no limit to our communion. Imagine being able to talk after thousands of years of silence. We have a lot to say, trust us. And never fear about us telling secrets, for we are master secret keepers as you already know. No-one will ever be ashamed of our language and message. It could not be otherwise from ones who love you so dearly. Address our behavior how you will and we will address yours back. It is the magic of the story.”



Inter-species counselling just refers to the training negotiation possibilities in the interactive relaying of the animal’s message to their person, and the application of suggestions and constructive ideas from the animal when appropriate to help the situation improve in understanding and sometimes behavior! Your animals are powerful instructors regarding themselves and know just what they want!

During the course of the consultation there is a second opportunity to  talk for further clarification and deeper understanding, once we have discussed the initial answers you will have a few more questions. This second set of questions to amplify the understanding is part of your consultation.

Application of training ideas from the animals are the caretaker’s responsibility, and the animals do not guarantee the results but anticipate them! Many times the animals’ deep appreciation for the opportunity to express themselves is the catalyst for dramatic changes in their relationships with people and other animals.


Heart to heart gets the message best!


























































































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