Death and Dying Mentorship

What do we need to know about death and dying?

“It is not so much what you need to know, as what you need to not believe. For there is no death to us, merely passing through the physical form and back to spirit wholeness. We view it as such, and struggle to let you see it for what it really is. We mourn not our passing, but miss your touch only, for your minds and hearts are still with us fully, and now and then we visit and tease you so! It is the fun in our being together that brings us closer to you, and our memories dance in thought before you, and you cannot not smile. For we are the bringers of smiles in eternity, us beloved pets!”


As animals begin to experience the process people call dying, it becomes emotionally difficult,  for their person(s). Knowing the animals’ viewpoint on this process often softens and heals the experience for people.

People are in the unique position of being able to assist their animal’s transition to avoid physical discomfort and emotional distress, and animals appreciate this opportunity when done in a timely manner. Asking the animal their opinion on the timing of their transition, and if they will require assistance, is possible through animal communication. Asking that they return to you is also possible.

Do you miss our girl?
Of course not! She’s as here as she ever was!!
































































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