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Book a Consultation with Your Animal(s)


There are two specific kinds of consultations.

A GENERAL consultation is perfect for general life experiences.

A VETERINARY COMPLEMENTARY MODALITY consultation is reserved for medical issues and requires a referral. See referral form here.


How do I book a consultation?

Here is the overview of the process!

1. Simple! Email Dr. Seabrook at to arrange for a consultation or ask questions ahead of time.

2. A little background information is required. See that here.

3. Make up three or ten questions, depending on the consult you choose. You may ask any questions about anything. Extra questions will be added by Dr. Seabrook for clarity, or to explore an area your animal brings up.


4. Find a photo of your animal’s face.


5.  Payment may be by cheque or money transfer, to be arranged when you book the consult by email with Dr. Seabrook.


 NOTE: By purchasing a consultation you are directing Dr. Seabrook to consult with your animal(s), and agree to Dr. Seabrook’s Release of Liability, which explains that the communication is complementary, and not a substitute for your animal’s regular veterinary care. The consent and agreement are automatically part of the consultation process. No further fuss is involved here!


6. Further details will be explained in your initial email response. Consultations are booked as quickly as possible, as the animals know what’s up and are waiting.


7. A written copy of the full communication is forwarded to you by email and a live discussion is included after you have had a chance to review the write-up.


It is up to you, the client, to call Dr. Seabrook at the mutually agreed upon time. Sometimes a second phone call is important a week or so later if another question or two comes up.

The point is, we intend to research and address all issues pertaining to your questions as completely as possible. This is a full and dedicated service experience!



All questions regarding your potential experience are most welcome!


We hear each other perfectly!












































































































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