Shakespeare – sweetie pie!

What is animal communication Dante?

“It is the melding of two minds in commonality of being. It requires a depth of sameness and understanding, and character of heart so much so that it is sure the two were one in time before the conversation. Know that to excel at it, there was a dance in stars and light, and Heaven smiled upon it long before we agreed to meet. Something meant to be, now, in this time and space, because more people are knowing the nature of their animals is as deep as they thought before this came. Trust it will explode on our senses, animal and mankind alike, this dance of talk and mind and soul.”



Telepathic animal communication is a connection to the spirit of animals, and their thoughts in  words about purpose, perceptions, values, wishes, comprehensions, and other delightful mental and spiritual qualities will realised within the communication.  To get an idea of expectations please read our offerings of questions and answers, but of course nothing beats having your own conversation with your animals.

Individual consultations help both animal and their person resolve and answer deep questions, misunderstandings, address behavior differences of opinion, and also to explore the psychosomatic causes for illness or injuries. The animals’ distinctive character will preside in the communication with humor, wisdom, and benevolent teachings. It is unmatched in delight for both human and animal friend as you experience through words their explanations of life with you!










































































































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